Safety policies

The University has Health and Safety policies and procedures which ensure all staff, students and visitors enter a safe environment when working, studying or visiting Oxford Brookes University.

These policies and procedures are updated by the Health and Safety team when new legislation and guidance becomes available. 

Recent updates:Legionella (OB-HAS-PROC-05.00)

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR)

Health and Safety PolicyHealth and Safety Policy (OBUHSN-01)

Health and Safety Management and Arrangements
Safety Management Arrangements (OBUHSN-02)

Health and Safety Responsibilities of individual Post Holders in Oxford Brookes University (OBUHSN-03)

Responsibilities of Staff or Others appointed to specific Health and Safety Roles (OBUHSN-04)

Safety Representatives (OBUHSN-07)

Oxford Brookes University Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment Committee (OBUHSWEC) (OBUHSN 5)

Guidance for the Preparation of Faculty/Directorate Health & Safety Policy Documents (OBUHSN-28)

Risk Assessment (OBUHSN-36)

Health and Safety Information for Students and Visitors
Health and Safety Information for Students (OBUHSN-12)

The Health and Safety of Visitors to the University (OBUHSN-13)

Children and Young Persons in the University (OBUHSN-15)

Contractors and Building Safety
Safe Working by Contractors at Oxford Brookes University (OBUHSN-14)

Electrical Safety (OBUHSN-18)

Asbestos (OBUHSN-35)

Accident, Fire Safety and First Aid
Accident, Incident, Dangerous Occurrence and Disease Reporting Procedures and Investigation (OBUHSN-11)

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) (OBUHSN-08)

Fire and Evacuation Procedures (OBUHSN-09)

First Aid Facilities and Arrangements (OBUHSN-10)

General Safety
Safe use of Display Screen Equipment (OBUHSN 32)

Health and Safety in Offices (OBUHSN-30)

Health and Safety in Halls of Residence (OBUHSN-16)

Working Alone Safely (OBUHSN-31)

Manual Handling (OBUHSN-34)

Working at heights (OBUHSN-42)

Portable Electrical Equipment Testing (OBUHSN 33)

Hazardous Substances
Introduction, responsibilities, COSHH, DSEAR, Poisons, storage, handling and waste disposal

Legionella (OB-HAS-PROC-05.00)

Asbestos (OBUHSN-35)

Travel and Off Campus Safety
Travelling and Working Overseas (OBUHSN 38)

Fieldwork and Outdoor Education (OBUHSN-24)

Driving safely (OBUHSN-41)

Minibus Drivers (OBUHSN-27)

Work placements (OBUHSN-43)

Health Surveillance
Noise (OBUHSN-20)

Skin Management (OBUHSN-23)

Respiratory Policy (OBUHSN-39)

Personal Protective Equipment (OBUHSN-21)