Health screening

Driver's health screen

Employees who transport staff and/or students in the course of their job are required to undergo a health assessment to determine fitness to drive.

The CVCP Code of Practice for Safety in Fieldwork requires drivers to be in a fit physical state.

If employees are required to drive as a part of their job description, clearance will be sought on appointment which will be subject to satisfactory health clearance. The assessment will be carried out by the OH Adviser and will comprise a short questionnaire and some measurements such as blood pressure, vision assessment and a urine test for indication of diabetes. Booklet: "Medical Aspects on Fitness to Drive" published by the Medical Commission on Accident Prevention.

The assessment will be carried out at the following intervals as recommended for other forms of occupational fitness to drive health assessments:

  • 5 yearly up to the age of 40
  • Every 2.5 years between the ages of 41 and 59
  • annually from the age of 60.

Results of the fitness to drive health assessments will be held in confidence by the OH Adviser and fitness to drive declaration issued to those within the University who have a responsibility for hiring or loaning minibuses. If an employee is deemed unfit to drive a minibus for any reason they will be notified. They will also be entitled to seek further advice if they so wish. Driving Licence holders are reminded that there is a statutory obligation to notify the Licensing Agency (DVLA) as soon as they become aware that they have any condition which could affect safe driving either now or in the near future.

Forklift trucks, stack trucks and cranes

Employees, who use forklift, stack trucks or cranes in the course of their work are required to undergo a medical for fitness to drive. This medical will be performed by the OH Adviser at the same intervals as those stated above. The assessment will also include a stereo vision test to detect those with a limitation in this field of vision. Someone with no or poor stereoscopic vision will not be permitted to operate a vehicle of this type.

Food handlers

Any employee who handles food as part of their employment must complete an additional Food Handlers Health Questionnaire as part of the pre-placement health screening process at the start of employment.

Access to the Food Handlers Health Questionnaire is via the Occupational Health Portal. Instructions about how to access the Portal are sent to the employee by HR in the letter of appointment.

Line Managers are responsible for ensuring food hygiene standards are met and for informing employees what to do should they become ill or develop a health condition which prevents them handling food.

Travelling and working overseas

Any member of staff who regularly travels and works overseas as part of their job role must complete an additional Travel Health Assessment Questionnaire, at the start of their employment as part of the pre-placement health screening process.

A Travel Health Assessment may also need to be completed following a risk assessment for medium to high-risk visits by members of staff who are undertaking overseas trips on behalf of the University.

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