Change your exam date

  • If you are unable to attend an exam at scheduled date/time, you can apply for a changed assessment arrangement by Week 10 of the given semester if it your reason is one of the following:

    • religious observance
    • military service
    • international/University representation in a sports event
    • similar activities undertaken by a dependent of the student for which there is a demonstrable support requirement on the student

    Notable exclusions

    • Holidays, weddings, job interviews, work experience and travel arrangements (eg going home).

    Evidence required

    • A letter from an official of the given authority/organization.

    The changed examination date will normally be within the relevant resit examination session. If you need to change a resit examination date, then an alternative date that enables your progression will be agreed.

    How to apply

    Step 1 Get a letter from your sports coach, minister of faith or military supervisor stating the reason you cannot attend the examination and the dates when you will be unavailable.
    Step 2 Complete the Change Exam Date/Time Application Form, making sure you have provided all details
    Step 3 Send the letter to the exams office.
    Step 4 You will be emailed to confirm that your application has been approved and what the alternative arrangement will be. Ensure that you are able to attend the new date
    Step 5 Check your results on Student Information to ensure that the module is showing a ZE grade if your date has been moved to the resit session.

    Changing your coursework deadline

    It is also possible to request a coursework deadline change for the same reasons. You should download and complete the coursework extension form and submit it with suitable evidence to the module leader.