On your exam day

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam.

In line with the exam regulations:

  • Turn off any alarms on your phone, or any other electronic devices.
  • Remove any fitness monitors or smart devices and turn electronic items (phones, tablets, etc) off before entering (silent mode or airplane mode is not sufficient).
  • Empty your pockets.
  • Ensure there is nothing written on your hands.

Wait outside the exam room. Approximately 15 minutes before the exam, an invigilator will read an announcement before you enter. Please follow their instructions.

Preparing for exam day

What you will need

  • Student ID – A valid and readable student ID. Purchase a replacement from Student Central if required.
  • Stationery – This includes suitable pens, pencils and erasers in a transparent pencil case.
  • Phones off – Check you know how to do this (and also cancel alarms – some alarms work if the phone is off). Silent and airplane modes are not sufficient.
  • Revision – Consult your module leader for advice. Additionally, the Exams Team publish past papers for many modules on RADAR and the Centre for Academic Development team offer guidance for revision.

What you may need

  • Water – A transparent, label-free bottle for water.
  • Pencil case – A transparent pencil case or bag.
  • Permitted notes – List of references, text books (if required, your module leader will let you know).

What is not permitted

  • Calculators – Students are not permitted to bring their own calculators into exams. However, if your exam requires one, it will be on your exam desk. The model is Casio fx-85GT PLUS (visit the Casio website for more info). Student Central loan out this model to practice on.
  • Dictionaries – Students are not permitted to bring dictionaries into the exam.
  • Wearing a smart device or smart watch. Refer to the exam regulations for more information.

Entrance and finding your desk

The exam rooms have a list outside indicating the row you are sitting at. Your desk will have a place card with your name and student number. 

Belongings area

  • Place your belongings (eg bags, coats and revision materials) in the designated area. You must not have coats or clothing hanging on your chair.
  • Do not bring your own calculators or dictionaries to the exam desk. Please leave them in your bag or hand in to an invigilator. 

At your desk

  • Place your student ID card, photo side up along with your writing implements loose or in a clear case; you may also bring a clear plastic bottle of water with no markings or labels and any items stated on the front of the exam paper.
  • If using a non-smart watch, seal in the clear bag provided.
  • Seal any other valuables (e.g. wallet, keys or phone) in the clear plastic box provided and place on the floor - hand any items that do not fit in the box to an invigilator.
  • Any medical items should have been authorised by the exams team via the online form; if not, inform an invigilator to fill in the late registration form.

Note: If you do not have your student card, an invigilator will give you a form to complete so that you can take the exam. Your Student Information page will be blocked until you present your valid ID to Student Central any time from the following morning.

During the exam

The invigilators will play or make further announcements. Do not open or turn over any exam materials until you are told you may start.

Timing information

  • If you arrive late for an exam, an invigilator will ask you to read information about late entry and complete a form. Provided you are not more than 1 hour late, you may take the exam finishing at the scheduled end time.
  • You cannot leave during the first hour or the last 15 minutes. To leave in between these times (e.g. if you have finished early), raise your hand to get permission from an invigilator. 


Raise your hand if you need assistance, for example:

  • Illness – The invigilators will call for a first aider.
  • Bathroom breaks – An invigilator will accompany you and you must empty your pockets.
  • Questions about the exam – The invigilators will provide you with a Exam Paper Query Form to complete which will be given to your Module Leader after the exam. You must continue with the paper to the best of your ability with the question presented to you.
  • Additional answer books or other materials – These will be provided by an invigilator.


  • If you have any unauthorised materials or appear to breach regulations, a member of the Exams Team will take a statement from you at the end of the exam. A conduct investigation will take place.
  • If your electronic device makes noise, it will be confiscated until the end of the exam when a member of the Exams Team will take a statement from you. You will be given a fixed penalty fine.
  • See the student conduct page for more details.

End of the exam and exit

  • An invigilator will make announcements when there are 15 minutes remaining and when the exam is finished. When the exam is over, stop writing immediately and close your answer book. Writing after the end of an examination is a breach of regulations.
  • Make the invigilators aware if you still need to complete your name and any details on the front of the Answer Book(s) or Multiple Choice Answer Sheet (MCAS). Use a treasury tag to fix all the papers together if necessary. Put your place card face up inside your answer book or place it with the MCAS and wait for all your papers to be collected.
  • Remain silent and face the front while you wait. You may open the clear valuables box after you have been told you may leave the exam room. Remove your watch from the clear bag and leave the bag behind to be used in the next exam.
  • After the invigilators make a final check, they will announce that you can leave. Please take any litter with you to place in the bin and make sure you take all of your belongings with you.