Regulations and conduct incidents

  • The University has established regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines governing assessment that are in line with the Equality Act 2010. It is the responsibility of staff and students to follow them.

    Conduct incidents

  • Breaches of regulations include:

    • Disturbances - Mobile phones/smart devices going off will result in a fine.
    • Unauthorized item(s) on desk - Confiscated during the exam. See What you will need.
    • Unauthorized item(s) on person - Usually discovered and confiscated during toilet breaks.
    • Writing on hands - This will be photographed by the Exams Team. 
    • Writing before or after the end time - Your page will be marked at the time this was noticed. 


    • Incidents - Disturbances and forbidden items usually result in a fine. 
    • Costing - First offence £50. Subsequent offences increase by £50 per offence.  
    • All fines are reduced by 25% if paid within 10 working days.  

    Conduct investigations

    • Incidents - Including writing before/after the end time and unauthorized items such as notes. Your grades may be impacted.
    • Action - Students are invited to a conduct interview through their Brookes email.  
    • Consequences - Students are emailed with the outcome. 

    Contact the Exams Team or Student Investigation and Resolution Team for further assistance.