Hosting external exams

Oxford Brookes University offers a host exam service for external students wishing to have their exam(s) conducted by the University's Exams Team.

How to apply

Step 1: Your institution should contact the Exams Team with the details of the assessment you wish to take with us including the style of assessment, date and time.

Step 2: We will confirm with your institution whether we are able to host your exam(s).

Step 3: If we are able to host your exam(s), a Host Exam Form should be completed and returned to us by email. The charges are detailed below.

Step 4: You should make the payment for the fees using our online shop facility. Please enter all requested details so we can match the payment back to you.

Step 5: We will email you confirmation of the exam arrangements and room once payment has been received.

Host exam fees

To host an exam on behalf of an overseas institution (fees per student):

  • £300 for one exam
  • £100 for each additional exam taken in the same exam period

To host an exam on behalf of a UK institution:

  • £100 for each exam

The administration charge is non-refundable.