Forgotten ID

Students are required to present their valid and undamaged Brookes ID card in every exam. If you do not have it, and the photograph on the placecard does not appear to clearly be you, you must complete a green no ID form provided by an invigilator during the exam.

Your access to Student Information will be blocked until you can confirm your identity to Student Central. You need access to your Student Information pages to see your exam results.

Note: Student Information pages can also be blocked if a student has failed to pay a fixed penalty fine. In this case, you must pay the fine or agree a payment plan in order to get your Student Information pages unblocked.

How to get your access to Student Information unblocked

Step 1: Report to Student Central with your valid Brookes ID card.

Step 2: You will be asked to re-sign the green no ID form to confirm that you were the person who sat the exam.

Step 3: If you have lost your Brookes ID card, you can replace it through the Student Central online shop and collect from the counter or have it posted to an address on your student record, and follow the steps above to unblock your Student Information.

Unblock your Student Information off-site

Unblock your Student Information off-site

If you cannot complete the process on campus but do own a valid Brookes ID card, please follow the steps below to unblock your Student Information off-site.

Step 1: Come to a Zoom session with your Brookes ID card and pen and paper. Zoom times and link are at

Step 2: The Student Central adviser will talk you through signing the paper in front of them during the call. Then you will be required to show them the signature, so they can compare it with your signature on the the green no ID form to confirm that you were the person who sat the exam.

Step 3: The adviser will then be able to lift the block on your record