6.4 Engaging with assessment

Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning by proactively engaging with assessment tasks by, for example:

  • attending examinations, and submitting coursework assignments on time
  • familiarising themselves with the requirements for an assessment, including dates and deadlines, formatting and referencing requirements, submission arrangements, etc
  • demonstrating academic integrity
  • applying for reasonable adjustments or exceptional circumstances, as necessary, in good time and by the appropriate deadlines
  • seeking and acting on feedback from the examiners who have marked their work.

Similarly, research students are responsible for:

  • generating topics for discussion with their supervisors at supervisory sessions; and keeping a record of their meetings with supervisors including any actions agreed
  • maintaining contact with the supervisor and submitting their work frequently for review; and engaging with the guidance and feedback from their supervisors
  • ensuring that agreed sections of their work are submitted through Turnitin as required; and producing an annual progress report on their research
  • attending the Faculty Doctoral Training and the Central Graduate College Training programmes; and participating in any research seminar programme organised by the Faculty, by presenting their work to their peers
  • obtaining permission for the use of all third party copyright material; referring to and applying the University’s Intellectual Property Rights policy, and requirements set out in the Code of Practice for Research Ethics, and in the Data Management and Academic Integrity policies
  • making the necessary preparations for the viva examination, including submitting their thesis for examination in a timely manner; and undertaking all revisions requested by the examiners.