6.2 Assessment of modules

Modules are designated as compulsory or optional within the context of a specified taught programme of study, as set out in the approved programme specification. There may be one or more assessment tasks which need to be completed in order to pass a specific module. Students are provided with full details of the assessment tasks in module handbooks, including submission deadlines and any special requirements (for example, in respect of the format for the assignment).

The decision on the number and weighting of assessment components for a module is subject to approval by a validation panel (as described in the University’s Quality & Standards Handbook), and any subsequent changes to assessment requirements must be approved via the University’s formal change process. The assessment tasks will be designed to enable students to demonstrate that they have attained the relevant knowledge and skills, in a way that is appropriate to the learning outcomes being assessed and the disciplinary context.

The approved module descriptor will indicate the relative weightings of multiple assessment components, state whether all assignments and/or examinations must be passed - or whether any minimum marks apply - in order to gain an overall pass mark for the module; and highlight any special requirements in order to qualify for professional accreditation. Some modules may include pass/fail tasks which are designed to meet professional body competency requirements and which may therefore be weighted as 0%.