6.8 Other grades

A number of other final grades may be seen on a student’s record, for the reasons listed below. Attempts at any module which result in one of these grades are excluded from the GPA calculation.

  • Ungraded Pass (S) or Fail (F), when an assessment is based on a Pass/Fail threshold only, and is not graded - this is used, for example, in relation to certain professional competencies.
  • Exemption - this is where a module has been taken in addition to those required in order to gain the award a student is enrolled on; so it does not have to be passed to satisfy the requirements of the award and, equally, does not count towards the award requirements if it is taken. An example might be where a student has taken a free language module alongside their main studies.
  • Transferred credit, for example where a student has been admitted to a programme with credit (as described in section 3.7) or where a student has taken part in the study abroad exchange scheme. Transferred credit is usually ungraded, unless a formal arrangement to transfer marks is in place with the institution responsible for awarding the credit.
  • Disregard (DR), where a module take is disregarded because exceptional circumstances have been shown to apply.
  • Technical Fail - this might apply, for example, where a student has gained an overall module mark at or above the pass mark, but not met a minimum mark requirement for a specific assessment component, which might have been set to satisfy professional accreditation requirements. Another example could be where a student has not completed the required number of hours on a mandatory placement which makes up all or part of the module, such as a clinical or school placement on a professionally accredited programme.
  • Compensated Pass (CP) - this grade will be shown where compensation is applied, as outlined in section 6.12

A provisional grade may be entered on a student’s record while individual issues are being resolved, for example, where there are outstanding exceptional circumstances claims, or a piece of work has been referred to the academic conduct process.