6.16 Withdrawal


Students may be required to leave the University if they are no longer able to meet progression or award requirements. Research students who fail to make satisfactory progress, or to complete registration and transfer as required, will be withdrawn from their programme of study.

Temporary Withdrawal

A student wishing to withdraw temporarily must have a written agreement to do so for a specific period of time and may also have to satisfy pre-agreed conditions before re-enrolling. Any student who withdraws without the appropriate permissions, or fails to re-enrol following the expiration of the specific period of time, may be considered to have permanently withdrawn.

Permanent Withdrawal

A student who withdraws from their course permanently may be liable for ongoing tuition fees if they fail to notify the University in a timely manner.

Research students who fail to maintain enrolment and registration requirements, and do not respond to communications from their supervisors and the University for a period of one year, will be withdrawn from their programme of study.