Exam timetable and key dates

  • Plan in advance! Below you can subscribe to the Exams Google calendar and find links for general exam dates. Your PIP will also have your exam and assessment schedule after the timetables are published (see dates in below link).

    For specific dates, such as off-site exams, religious observance and medical item registration, follow the links from the Before your exams  page.

  • 2017/2018 timetable

    Exam session Dates
    Semester 1 Thursday 14th - Wednesday 20th December (including Saturday 16th) 2017 
    Semester 1 Resits Saturday 24th - Thursday 29th March 2018
    Semester 2 Tuesday 8th - Saturday 19th May (including Saturday 12th) 2018 
    Semester 2 Resits Monday 2nd - Friday 6th July 2018

    2018/2019 timetable

    Exam session Dates
    Semester 1 Friday 14th - Thursday 20th December (including Saturday 15th) 2018 
    Semester 1 Resits Saturday 13th - Thursday 18th April 2019
    Semester 2 Tuesday 7th May - Saturday 18th May (including Saturday 11th) 2019
    Semester 2 Resits Monday 1st - Friday 5th July 2019

    2019/2020 timetable

    Exam session Dates
    Semester 1 Friday 13th - Thursday 19th December (including Saturday 14th) 2019 
    Semester 1 Resits Saturday 4th - Thursday 9th April 2020
    Semester 2 Tuesday 5th May - Saturday 16th May (including Saturday 9th) 2020
    Semester 2 Resits Monday 29th - Friday 3rd July 2020