Oxford Brookes Business School

  • Student profiles

    Research profiles from current students in the Oxford Brookes Business School.

    Research profiles from Alumni can be found further down the page.

    • Usman Alkali

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Paradigm shift from resource-based economy to knowledge-based economy: the roles of University-Industry-Government Interaction in Nigeria.'

    • Sarah Evans-Howe

      Sarah Evans-Howe

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'Complaining via social media: perceptions of temporality in customer complaint behaviour following exceptional experiences in luxury London hotels.'

    • Robert Kemp

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'What is emotional labour in coaching?'

    • Shwetha Kumar Shrayamsa

      Shwetha Kumar Shrayamsa

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'The potential of product placement in mobile games as an advertising strategy: A study evaluating the effectiveness through recall and recognition for Indian female consumers.'

    • Karine Mangion-Thornley

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'How is coaching perceived by leaders engaged in talent management and leadership development programmes?'

    • Abigal Muchecheti

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'How do experiences and perceptions of women who identify as Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) hinder or enable their progression and attainment of leadership positions in Higher Education Institutions.'

    • Huy Nguyen

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Globalization, Economic Growth and Inequality: An empirical global study.'

    • Ksenia Penchukova

      Ksenia Penchukova

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Under-representation of female executive directors on company boards.'

    • James Pritchard

      James Pritchard

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Coaching for Mindful Action.'

    • Masrura Ram Idjal

      Masrura Ram Idjal

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'The influence of decentralisation of policy on the nexus of power in tourism in rural communities; a case study of the new Village Law (2014) in Indonesia.'

    • Cristovao Silva Dos Santos

      Cristovao Silva Dos Santos

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'The mechanisms of building and sustaining trust in indigenous tourism: a case study of the Pataxó Jaqueira community in Porto Seguro, Brazil.'

    • Geeta Sinha

      Geeta Sinha

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Mining led Industrialisation and gender-based violence within indigenous communities of Odisha, India.'

    • Somhatai Timsard

      Somhatai Timsard

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Consumers and role of social media in consumption of cosmetic products in Thailand.'

    • Haping Zhu

      Haiping Zhu

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'The influence of Chinese philosophical religious traditions on Chinese consumption behaviour: a multiple case study of Chinese festivals.'

  • Alumni profiles

    Research student alumni profiles from the Oxford Brookes Business School.

    • Pearl Akomas

      Pearl Akomas

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'An Evaluation of Relational Control in International Franchise Networks in Emerging Markets.'

    • Lely Budhiyanto

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Family Firm Sustainability: An Ethnographic Study of Change and Adaptation in the Traditional Batik Industry in Lasem, Indonesia.'

    • Rosa Codina

      Rosa Codina

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'The role of tourism in altering the structure of power relations and facilitating sustainable socio-cultural development for indigenous communities in Peru.'

    • Aisha Kolawole

      Aisha Kolawole

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'An empirical analysis of energy demand in Sub-Saharan Africa.'

    • Sue Ledwith

      Sue Ledwith

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Prospects for Gender Democracy in Labour Movements.'

    • Felix Shaba

      Felix Shaba

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Microfinance Intervention and Women Empowerment in Nigeria: The Case of LAPO Microfinance Bank Ltd.'

    • Nadia Singh

      Nadia Singh

      Oxford Brookes Business School

      'Political Economy of bioenergy in developing economies: A case study of bioenergy projects in Punjab, India.'

    • Ringkar Situmorang

      Ringkar Situmorang

      Oxford School of Hospitality Management

      'Exploring Expatriation and Localization of Managers in the International Hotel Industry: A Case Study from Jakarta, Indonesia.'