Enrolment and fees

  • The first thing all new research students need to do - whether full time or part time - is to complete the Enrolment processes and become a student of the University. 

    Enrolment is a prerequisite to application for registration for a University research degree, and you will need to complete annual enrolment every year until conferment of your degree.  New students will be expected to complete all stages of online enrolment by Friday 11 September 2020.

    Please note that there is no face-to-face enrolment in September 2020.  Iif you need to speak to us please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk, and if it is not possible to resolve your query via email, we will arrange a date and time to speak to you via Google Meet Video Conferencing.

    Online Enrolment:

    Prior to the start of your course, all applicants with unconditional firm offers will receive two emails.  The first email will contain your username, which is the ID number you will use for all University services.  The second email will be sent shortly after the first one, and will contain your Password which must be used to logon to complete online enrolment.

    Once you receive the second email, you can begin Online Enrolment and view your student information.

    You should then log in to your Student Information and follow the instructions you will be given on each screen to help you to complete enrolment.

    You should aim to complete online enrolment, including uploading a digital photograph, by 16.00 on Friday 11 September 2020.

    If you are unable to complete this stage by the deadline, please contact the Research Degrees Team ( researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk) and we advise you further about how to complete online enrolment.

    Each screen will provide clear instructions about what you need to do to complete and save the information you are providing or updating.

    Academic enrolment – in order to complete this stage all students will need to update the following:

    • Upload your photograph
    • Personal information;
    • All your Address;
    • Emergency contact(s);
    • Employability information.
    • Confirm that you accept and will comply with the University’s regulations and Terms and Conditions.

    When Academic Enrolment is completed youare then required to complete Financial Enrolment.

    Financial Enrolment – in order to complete this stage you will be asked to complete the following:

    Review your account summary and confirm that the fee quoted for the whole year is correct;

    • Provide funding details e.g. whether you are sponsored or paying your own fees – please note that if you are in receipt of a Doctoral Loan, the University classes you as self-funded, however please enter details about the loan in the appropriate section.
    • Consent to the payment of tuition fees. (you do not actually make a fee payment  in this section)

    You are not a student of the University until your fees are paid.  There is no payment made during the Online Financial Enrolment stage, but once you have completed the online enrolment process you will need to go to the ‘My Accounts’ section of your Student Information to make payment of the first instalment of your tuition fees.

    Please note that it is the University's policy to exclude any student who defaults on the payment of fees and details of the full-time and part-time research degree fees for the 2020/2021 academic year can be found the following webstite:  /studying-at-brookes/finance/

    If you are funded by a University Studentship and will be receiving an annual bursary, please complete the attached Bank details form and return it to us at researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk as soon as possible, so that your payment instalments can be set up ready for the first payment to be made directly into your bank account at the end of September 2020. Even though your tuition fees will be covered by your studentship you will still need to complete both Academic and Financial Enrolment declaring that you are a sponsored student.

    International Student Enrolment

    All International students should complete academic and financial online enrolment (as detailed above).

    You will receive full details from the International Student Compliance Team about how to complete the immigration requirements associated with enrolment.  Information can also be found at: /new-students/welcome-weekend-for-everyone/

    Most students will receive a temporary visa that is valid for 30 days as a sticker in their passport. It will only allow you to enter the UK, you will then have to collect your visa for the full length of your course.

    The visa you will collect, will be a Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) and is a separate card (sometimes referred to as a Biometric Immigration Document or BID). You need to collect your BRP and then send a scanned copy by email to the International Students Compliance Team isct@brookes.ac.uk, please copy this email to researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk.

    Should you encounter any difficulties with your Academic or Financial Enrolment, please contact us in the Research Degrees Team by email at researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk.

    Please note that all students are required to re-enrol every twelve months to confirm their attendance and engagement with their programme, update their details and pay any fees that are due. If you do not enrol as required, you will lose access to University facilities (e.g. email, library, PC network, Student Information etc).

    If you are in doubt about anything in these instructions regarding enrolment, please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk or telephonethe Research Degrees Team on +44 (0)1865 483869or +44(0)1865 4834244.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford Brookes in September.

    Other research student enrolment points for the academic year 2020/2021 are as follows:

    January 2021

    June 2021



  • You are required to provide proof of your higher education qualifications upon entry to the research degree programme (ie first degree, postgraduate or professional qualifications).

    Please make sure you bring the original certificate or a certified copy with you when you if you are completing face to face enrolment.

    You are not an enrolled student of the University until your fees are paid. It is the University's policy to exclude any student who defaults on the payment of fees. Details of full-time and part-time research degree fees for the next academic year can be found via the link below.

    Fees and finance

    Fees may be paid as part of a University funded Studentship and you will be required to state that you are sponsored when completing online Financial enrolment.

    If you are a member of staff who is being funded by the University.  This should be done in consultation with your Line Manager and you must raise this as part of your annual PDR.  If agreed, you will then be required to make an application for Staff Development Funding.  

    You must state that you are being sponsored when completing online Financial enrolment and in addition, written confirmation that the fees will be paid from the Staff Development Fund and a charge code must be provided as part of the annual enrolment process and enrolment will not be completed until the financial part has been completed. Once approved you should email a copy of the confirmation notification to the Research Degrees Administrator: researchemrolment@brookes.ac.uk

    If your research degree is funded by a University or externally Funded Studentship, Sponsor, Employer or external loan, we will help you to complete the financial stage as part of online enrolment.

    If you are receiving a grant or loan to cover the fees from an external provider, you must bring written notification of the award from the funding body. If your fees are being paid by your employer or another sponsor, you must bring a letter from them confirming their sponsorship for the duration of the programme. 

    Self-financed students in good financial standing are able to pay fees in three instalment by credit/debit card at Student Central or by phone with Student Finance.  Payment must be received to complete enrolment.

    Your library/ID card will include a digital image of you. You are required to upload a photograph as part of Online Enrolment - this is the last part of enrolment and should be completed online. 

    However if you are unable to upload a photograph online, please email one to: researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk  so that the card can be made up and either collected when you arrive at the University or be sent to you if you are a part-time student. If you have are not able to upload or send a photo  you will have to go and have your photograph taken manually and the card will be made at that point.

    All international students must complete the visa enrolment stage with the Compliance Team before completing face to face enrolment with the Research Degrees Team.  When attending face to face enrolment you should bring your passport, visa/Biometric Card.

    Please ensure that if you are going to attend Face-to-Face enrolment that you have the following:

    • authorised staff development funding application; or
    • evidence that you have been awarded a studentship; or
    • letter from your employer, Loan company or sponsor, confirming that they will be paying your fees;
    • confirmation of how you will be paying the fees if you are self-financed and have not made a payment as part of Online Enrolment;
    • proof of your degree qualifications;
    • all International students must bring their Passport and BRP Card.
    Please note you will be expected to keep your library card for the duration of your research degree programme. You will, however, be required to check your enrolment record and complete fee enrolment on an annual basis in September.