Enrolment and fees

The first thing all new research students need to do - whether full time or part time - is to complete the enrolment processes and become a student of the University.

Enrolment is a prerequisite to application for registration for a University research degree, and you will need to complete annual enrolment every year until conferment of your degree. New students will be expected to complete all stages of online enrolment by the date set out in the email you will receive from the Research Degrees Team.

Please note that there is no face-to-face enrolment. If you need to speak to us, please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk and if it is not possible to resolve your query via email, we will arrange a date and time to speak to you via Google Meet Video Conferencing.

Online enrolment

You should receive 2 emails:

  • one with your User ID (student number)
  • one with a link you will need to use to create your password. This will arrive 24 hours after your User ID email.

Please note that the link in the second email only lasts for 48 hours, but you can request a new one if yours expires.

Please check that emails have not gone into your spam folder. If you are having issues with your online enrolment, please look for help and advice in the FAQ section.

Once you have access to your User ID (student number) and password, you can start your online enrolment in the Student Information portal.

If you have any issues with online enrolment loading, we suggest first clearing your cache to see if this resolves the problem. If not, please contact the Research Degrees Team researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk

Important: You can pay your fees after you complete your enrolment. Please go to the ‘My Accounts’ section of your Student Information where you can pay by credit or debit card.

If your enrolment page says you need to complete Right to Study checks, please email isct@brookes.ac.uk with a copy of your immigration permission or visa which allows you to study in the UK. Right to Study checks are required if you are not a UK national and your course is based at the Oxford Brookes campuses.

Please note that it is the University's policy to exclude any student who defaults on the payment of fees, and details of the full-time and part-time research degree fees for the 2024/2025 academic year can be found at the postgraduate research fees page. Tuition fees can be paid in three instalments in September, January and June.

If you are funded by a University Studentship and will be receiving an annual bursary, you will receive by email the bank details form prior to enrolment  by the Research Degrees Team. Please ensure you complete and return that to researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk  in order for your bursary payments to be done. Even though your tuition fees will be covered by your studentship you will still need to complete the online enrolment declaring that you are a sponsored student.

When enrolment has been completed, your student card will be produced and sent to you within a maximum of 4 weeks from enrolment. You will be able to access all university services and facilities you need for your programme using your Student ID and password.

International student enrolment

You will receive full details from the International Student Compliance Team about how to complete the immigration requirements associated with enrolment. Information can also be found on the new students website.

All International students must complete a Right to Study Check before being fully enrolled.

Additional information

Should you encounter any difficulties with your online enrolment, please contact us in the Research Degrees Team by email at: researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk

Please note that all students are required to re-enrol every 12 months to confirm their attendance and engagement with their programme, update their details and pay any fees that are due. If you do not enrol as required, you will lose access to University facilities (e.g. email, library, PC network, Student Information etc).

If you are in doubt about anything in these instructions regarding enrolment, please email researchenrolment@brookes.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford Brookes.

To note that the annual entry points each academic year are: September, January and June.

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Research Enrolment and Fees