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If you joined us this semester, you may find some of the information on these web pages still relevant. Please note:

1. If you have been asked to complete enrolment, see our online enrolment information.

2. Welcome weekend, course induction and the events calendar are now closed.

3. If you are joining us in January 2022, information about enrolment and induction will be available on these pages from 16 December 2021 onwards.

Watch: How to use the new student webpages

1. Your student checklist

Make sure you know what you need to do:

  • online enrolment
  • getting onto your Google account (email and calendar)
  • understanding our virtual learning platform
  • your induction schedule
  • meeting your tutor and students on your course
  • travelling into the UK

Still have a question?

Please see our complete list of University contacts.