Research Degrees Committee

  • The full Research Degrees Committee considers research degree policy matters and any general issues relating to research students.

    Meetings for the current academic year

    Meetings will be held between 1.00pm to 3.00pm with the exception of the 11 June 2019 date, which will be allocated to the annual RDC Forum for Sharing Good Practice and will run from 12.00pm to 3.00pm.

    Semester 1

    • Tuesday 2 October 2018 (Week 2)
    • Tuesday 18 December 2018

    Semester 2

    • Tuesday 19 February 2019 (Week 4)
    • Tuesday 11 June 2019   Forum for Sharing Good Practice

    Chair: Dr Tom Crook

    For further information about the Research Degrees Committee, please contact Jill Organ (tel: 01865 48 4244).

    Research Degrees Sub-Committees

    Research degree applications are considered by the Humanities, Environment and Social Sciences and Science and Technology subject Sub-Committees.