Confidentiality and Information Sharing Policy

Student Services is committed to the highest standards of professional practice. Staff adhere closely to the ethical/professional frameworks of their respective professional bodies and the regulations of the University, as well as statutory obligations.

Staff in Student Services are committed to ensuring that your confidentiality is protected in line with this policy and have undergone training on the requirements of Data Protection and Confidentiality and are subject to sanction for any breaches of confidentiality.

This agreement covers Inclusive Support and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Support. This includes Counselling, Mental Health Advice, Inclusive Support Advice, Tutoring, Mentoring, Student Welfare and Multifaith Chaplaincy. Different services may have an adapted version of this agreement. When you first speak/meet with a member of our staff, you will be given an opportunity to talk through this policy. If disclosure of information outside Inclusive Support and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Support is needed, in order to provide you with the service you require, we will normally ask you for written consent.1 

Our staff work as a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that you receive a comprehensive, integrated and professional response to enable you to achieve successful completion of your course. Where we feel it would be useful, and/or of benefit to your wellbeing, we will share relevant information about your contact with different areas of Inclusive Support and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Support: this helps us provide you with a joined-up service and avoids duplication. Information is only shared on a strictly need-to-know basis. You may withhold permission for us to share information in this way, or withdraw at a later date, but this might affect the level of support we are then able to offer you.

The information you share with us is held confidentially. We will not reveal anything about you, your attendance, or discussions in appointments, to anyone outside of Inclusive Support and Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Support without your consent. In very exceptional circumstances, we may take a decision to disclose information without your consent. These circumstances are:

  1. If we believe that there is a serious risk to your safety or the safety of another person, we may contact University colleagues or external services such as a GP or mental health team. Whenever possible we will discuss this with you and seek your permission to share information, but in some circumstances we may have to proceed without your consent.
  2. When the member of staff/service could be liable to civil or criminal court procedure if the information is not disclosed, e.g. if you informed us that you were involved in criminal activity, knew about an act of terrorism, etc.

Decisions to disclose information without your consent will be authorised by a senior member of staff within Student Services. Any information that is shared would be kept to a minimum, and shared only on a ‘need to know’ basis. A record of the disclosure will be retained as part of your case file which you are entitled to see in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

1 This policy should be read in conjunction with the University's  Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Guidelines