Advice for parents

Whilst coming to University can be a very exciting time for students, it can nevertheless be quite stressful for parents and carers. We hope the information provided here will be helpful and will answer some of your questions.

Our teams in Student Support Services offer a wide range of support to students registered at the University. In addition, students are offered support through their:

As well as the support available to students, the Student Welfare team offers consultation to parents and carers of students. If you are concerned about a student, son or daughter, please contact:

The receptionist will arrange for a member of Student Welfare and Support Advice Team to call you back.

Student Welfare and Support Advice will be able to help with many questions and concerns. However as confidentiality is an essential aspect of our work, we will not be able to discuss specific students and will be unable to confirm in any way if your student, son or daughter has been in touch with our Student Support Services. Furthermore, as students are adults in their own right, Student Welfare and Support will not be able to initiate contact with the student.