Amendments to your choices

Please remember that students are not permitted to make changes to their registered modules outside of the registration window or appropriate amendment periods, apart from the circumstances listed below.

Demonstrable unforeseen long-term health issues that don’t constitute Exceptional Circumstances and that directly affect your current module selection

Demonstrable unforeseen work commitments or other significant and unavoidable commitments that require a change in your programme of study

Demonstrable unforeseen and long-term care/ dependence commitments

Other demonstrable unforeseen and significant circumstances that might affect your programme of study and require an immediate change in your programme of study.

Availability of a learning opportunity within your programme, such as work-based learning, which was not available when you originally made your choices, and does not increase pressure on the University timetable

For details on how to make a request, please see below or consult with your Student Support Co-ordinator