What is a degree apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to study whilst working to combine the skills acquired by both. As an apprentice you will complete a degree and relevant professional qualification whilst working for an employer who sponsors you to study.

Apprentices study subjects that are directly relevant to their jobs and will often be visited in the workplace so that professional competency can be assessed ‘on the job’. As part of the apprenticeship there will also be time allotted to attend university, college or a training provider.

Apprentices do not pay for the cost of tuition as this is met by the employer. Employers pay apprentices, which means you will not have to take out a student loan to complete a degree apprenticeship.

Oxford Brookes Associate College Partnerships


The following Oxford Brookes college partners offer apprenticeships that include Oxford Brookes degrees and foundation degrees:

  • New College Swindon,
  • Abingdon and Witney College,
  • Solihull College and University Centre,
  • Activate Learning.

For more information about our partners, see our Studying at our partner colleges webpage.

How do I apply?

To begin a degree apprenticeship you will need to find an employer who is looking to recruit apprentices. There are plenty of companies who are very committed to training apprentices on the job such as BMW, the NHS and the BBC. The process is very competitive so you will need to demonstrate that you are ready for study but also ready for work.

You can check if you are eligible to become an apprentice and find apprenticeship vacancies at Oxford Brookes by visiting our Apprenticeships on offer webpage.

Before applying, make sure you understand the kind of course you are going for. For some skilled jobs for example, an employer may need you to study an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship to make sure you are professionally competent before you go for a degree apprenticeship. This is sometimes necessary even if you already have qualifications like A-levels.

Privacy Notice

If you choose to apply for an apprenticeship delivered by Oxford Brookes University, we will be the Data Controller of any personal data that you supply. This means that we will make the decisions on how your data is used and for what reasons.

Information for employers

Employers can find out which universities, colleges and training providers are offering degree apprenticeships by visiting the government apprenticeship web pages.

For more information about apprenticeships at Oxford Brookes please contact the UK Partnerships and Apprenticeships Team: or call  + 44 (0) 1865 534900 option 4.