OB1 Live 02: Information Booth for Creation Theatre, Oxford

A design and build project for the Creation Theatre Company, Oxford for their site-specific production of Twelfth Night in the Said Business School. The brief; to design and build an Information booth in Broad Street, Oxford for the evenings & matinees as well as an advertising hoarding in the daytime from Friday 26th June to 30th August 2009. The project was sited in a conservation area and had to show sensitivity to the immediate historical context as well as the staged imaginary worlds of Shakespeare for later productions.

If you are in town and would like to see the play or check out the ticket booth please pop by. (www.creationtheatre.co.uk)


Oxford's Temporary Box Office, Architects Journal online, 24th August 2009


Abi Whitelow, Alex Richardson, Ali Habibi, Alistair Rennie, Anna Beer, Bharat Pankhania, Chloe Dawber, Dino Dale, Eleanor Nichols, Elliott Cohen, Eugenie Bliah, Henrik Von Irminger, Jack Morton-Gransmore, Joe Brown, John Marshall, Joshua Thomas, Kaegh Allen, Karla Johnson, Ned Drury, Ralph Saull, Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez , Sebastian Andraos, Sophia Boyd, Will Fisher, Yoni Motzafi-Haller


Jane Anderson & Colin Priest

With thanks to: Creation Theatre Company, Oxford, Gifford and Letraset