OB1 Live 12: Domestic Appliances for Science Oxford

Between September and October 2012 year one students of architecture and interior architecture at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture designed and made “Domestic Appliances” from everyday kitchen equipment to demonstrate scientific phenomena. The appliances included “Ticking Kitchen”, a geared percussion instrument of kitchen implements, “Binomena”, a dustbin zoetrope and “Primary Mixer”, kinetic emulsion bottles.

Following a review with Science Oxford, six inventive appliances were chosen to form an interactive exhibit for school children during the half term holidays at Science Oxford called “Domestic Science”. Their inventors ran a “meet the designer” event for children and their parents during the exhibition to explain the science behind their Domestic Appliance and to talk about how they designed and made it.

September 2012 - October 2012


Aman Aman, Simi Abidakun, Victoria Adegoke, Yakout Ajana, Evan Asplin, Esther Attrup, Jack Barnes, Evelina Baronaite, Baryden Barrett, Laura Beal, Sofiya Belousova, Sabrina Benalcazar, Naomi Billing, Scott Blacker, Jessica Bouwer, Freddie Broadhurst, Lycy Browne-O’Sullivan, Andrew Chard, Olivia Chester, Deborah Chew, Rachana Cycum, Tu-Ann Dao, Diana Daoud, Emil Day, Celia De Villiers, Kimberley Francis, Charlotte fraser, Serena Frisby, Maitreyi Gogate, Ryan Gormley, Georgina Hale, Joe Hazelwood-Horner, Hennie Heiss-Schoyen, Maisie hermon, Luke Hughes, Ji Young Hwang, Jessica Illacuci Edghill, Winnie Ip, Natasha Jiwa, Alastair Johnson, Theo Jones, Alice Kaiser, Sem Karahan, David Kay, Natthakit Khowkittipaiboon, Matt Kidd, Amber King, Sean King, Oliver Kleinfeld, Egil Kobberstad, Cornelia L’Orange, Harry Lewis, Victor Linden, Abby Liu, John Llewellyn, Ilaria Lombardini, Alex Manko, Thomas Marrier D’Unienville, Stephanie McMahon, Eman Mehdi, Joe Murray, Catriona Musoko, Ubada Muti, Nabi Shah, Fleur Netley, Rebecca Olley, Jonathan Pais. Alexander Palmer, Xheremi Panariti, Hanna Parr, Verity Parson, Christie Parsons, Miranda Pearson, Kavita Perry, Olivio Pfeil, Yin Tung Poon, Sarah Potter, Lola Pressley, Gulay Pugh, James Pulman, Dylan Radcliffe-Brown, Dominic Ramli-Davies, Tegen Ramsey, Frida Randen, Isis Reid, Pierre Rescourio, Jenna Revell, Jacob Riman, Ellie-Athanasia Rimikis, Polly Robertson, Matthew Rogers, Kirlon Snachez, Yasutaka Sasaki, Vilde Schirmer-Nilsen, Maya Shankla, Nicholas Sheum, Iara Silva, Geargina Stabler, Georgina Staines, caroline Stimpson, Ilia Stringari, Jia Pei Tan, Natasha Taylor, Cai Thomas, Rosie Tillotson, Isik Tlabar, Phot Tongsuthi, Constance Tso, Catherine Turner, Jacob Valvis, Emma Vaux, Sai Vijay Kumar, Jayone Virdi, Jessica Wandless, Hester Ward, Freya Wastie, Chris Waters, Alex Wheeler, James Whitty. Rikke Winther, Nimrod Wong, Xiaomeng Wu, Edward Yeo, Marjorie Yeo, Nathan Young, Karolien Yperman, Lili Zarzycki, Rosanna Ziccheri.

Client’s Comments

“This was a really worthwhile activity as far as we were concerned. The students engaged with the problem in a very innovative and creative way, and I had a very difficult job to select the exhibits that we eventually used in the gallery. The ones that we did choose were excellent: the students were great to work with, and took my suggestions on board. In each case we ended up with an exhibit that that was fun and engaging, and also robust enough to withstand the attention of several hundred primary age children!”

Dominic McDonald, Head of Public Engagement, Science Oxford


Local school children and their families.


Jane Anderson, Rob Houmøller, Colin Smith, Emu Masuyama, Orestes Chouchoulas.

Commissioned by


Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.