Conrad Opoka

MA in Development and Emergency Practice, Brookes Alumni Fund Scholar

Conrad Opoka

“It’s been amazing.  The knowledge that you put in people doesn’t go away.”

Conrad is excited and deeply appreciative of the opportunity he has been given to study for an MA in Development and Emergency Practice in 2015-16.  “The course has a great global reputation, and what better than to aim for the best!”   

Conrad began by volunteering in a refugee camp, seeing at first hand the suffering of people displaced by crisis.  

He has subsequently been working for the UNHCR in his native Uganda and he intends to take back what he is learning to make a bigger impact.  

Conrad has a real desire to be more effective in helping people to be creative about improving their situation, to build livelihood projects in the local community and to reduce overhead costs on delivery so more aid gets to the people who need it.

“Investing in projects can be compared to planting a seed of change through investing in people. The scholarship is opening opportunities for me and my family, but also for the people I serve, the wider community I come from and the region. Investing in a single person’s education has far reaching impact.”

Your donation to a scholarship can take the passion and commitment of someone like Conrad and make them even more effective in working to improve the lives of others.