Food for All

Brookes students help parents provide good food

JuliaMonika Kozlak and Julia Haynes (left) worked really hard with this project and it definitely paid off. Food 4 All was a great success and achieved its aim to show carers of young children that healthy eating is possible on a limited budget. and Julia collaborated with the local Sainsbury’s who provided the food, and with a local community centre where the sessions were held. Funding from the Student Community Fund was used to pay for a creche to look after the children whilst the adults were creating culinary delights in the kitchen! Afterwards they all came together with the children and enjoyed the food they had prepared. sessions were such a great success that they were also asked to run courses in other areas of Oxford, and also produced a similar course for OAPs.

"The Student Community Fund has played a crucial role in funding our creche. Without it we would struggle with carrying on with the project." Monika Kozlak

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