Louise Ryan

MSc in Historic Conservation and Recipient of Brookes Alumni Fund Scholarship 2013-14



"I’ve always held a keen interest in history and in architecture and so discovering the field of historic building conservation which was a combination of both excited me greatly.

Buildings of the past have stood the test of time and they each have a story to tell, a past to reveal and a future to look forward to so long as it is cared for in a respectful manner. The MSc in Historic Conservation will provide me with a fundamental understanding of the complexities of conservation, enabling me to be a part of this exciting field.

I am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the course, even the tight deadlines! The variety of the course has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about design within the historic environment and the important legislative framework that underpins conservation. We are introduced to a number of guest lecturers and the course is well established within the field and so the opportunity to gain contacts is invaluable.

The scholarship has made a huge difference to my studies and my life. It has relieved the financial stress and has allowed me thus far to focus solely on my studies; something which I have found invaluable both in terms of achieving high grades and immersing myself in concentrating on my future career.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to the alumni who have given to the Brookes Alumni Fund. Without this funding I would have found it very difficult financially to undertake the course. I hope all those people who have contributed understand just how much of a difference the scholarship has made to my life and to my career, and I sincerely thank you. The year is going so quickly, I don’t want this opportunity to end!"