Providing opportunities to enhance a student’s experience

Taking part in a field trip or work experience can be a life-changing experience for our students. A bursary could make all the difference in allowing this to happen.

Our progress so far:

Each year Oxford Brookes provides opportunities for students to take part in field trips and work experience placements.

A great example of this is the University's Development and Emergency Practice course which has organised a number of important humanitarian field trips in recent years. These include opportunities to:

  • understand the impact and recovery from 2010’s earthquake disaster in Haiti
  • collaborate with vulnerable communities as part of a ten-day trip to South Africa
  • engage with the people of Negapattinam in India where 6000 people lost their lives and 40,000 homes were destroyed following the 2004 Asian tsunami.

Our ambitions:

These field trip opportunities provide vital experience and research opportunities for our students and also benefit the wider world. Unfortunately, due to the costs involved, not all can afford to take part.

A small bursary can make a huge difference for a student and allow them to take advantage of the variety of opportunities in gaining experience and new skills.

We want to increase these opportunities for our students.

How you can help:

Your support can help to fund a bursary for our students to allow them to participate in these life-changing opportunities.

For example, the Excellence in Motorsport bursary will allow students to experience cutting edge and contemporary industrial projects through collaboration with the race car manufacturer Dallara. These types of opportunity enhance the student’s experience by offering the opportunity to undertake practical work with a leading industry organisation.

Oxford Brookes will continue to offer a wide range of opportunities to our students, from placements with industry and business partners to humanitarian field trips which make a real difference to the wider world.

Case study

Providing opportunities to enhance a student’s experience

Colombia continues to suffer from a chaotic civil war which began in 1948. It has the world’s second largest internally displaced population of more than 5.7 million people and roughly 200,000 civilians have been killed. The conflict has had a disastrous effect on many innocent people and a field trip as part of the Development and Emergency Practice course had an incredible impact on Ben.

Without support, I don’t believe I would have had the money for the fieldtrip. It was a fantastic experience and confirmed my desire to work in the humanitarian field. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with this opportunity.

Ben Teuten, MSc in Development and Emergency Practice, recipient of a Brookes Alumni Fund Bursary

Following analysis of this work, future field trips are planned to implement reparations for the people of Colombia and to help them move forward in recovering from the violence.