About the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

The Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment at Oxford Brookes University has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and an ambitious desire to be recognised as one of the most exciting places to study in the world.

We have built a learning community underpinned with an understanding that innovation comes out of our students being able to take risks in a supportive environment. We encourage experimentation, playful trial and error, and academic curiosity. The results of this approach are there to be seen in the student satisfaction statistics, research rankings and graduate destinations.

We work closely with our graduates' future employers and marketplaces, and understand that there is a world out there with a voracious appetite for new and exciting creative ideas welded to solid business acumen.

The Faculty is home to 4 schools providing specialist and interdisciplinary teaching, research and knowledge transfer across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in purpose-built facilities in Oxford. However, much of our portfolio is also now delivered by academic partners elsewhere around the globe.

Our schools are:

The Faculty integrates theory and practice within an enthusiastic and informed collegiate culture; one that embraces new technologies, creates and communicates new knowledge, and celebrates the achievements of all our stakeholders and partners - staff, students, businesses, and community organisations.

This website is a portal to the 4 individual sites for our Schools. Each site acts as a virtual invitation into the real world of studying or working with us. We have included information about courses and facilities, staff and students' personal stories, testimonials, and advice about the experience of being here and belonging to our community. You can connect with us via social media, our blogs and wikis and discussion boards.

Because over a quarter of our students are from other countries, we have strong international links and friendships with individuals and institutions all across the world. International aspiration marks everything we engage in.

We hope you will join with us in open, honest debate, developing your discipline within a 21st century context of technological development and interdisciplinary innovation. You will be made very welcome.


Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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