Doctoral training programme

The Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) is designed to support registered and visiting students through the PhD process and to equip them with the necessary skills to complete their research degree. All research students in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Engineering are part of the DTP, which comprises lectures, (social) events, networking and training opportunities for research students, and gives students a community of learning to support their research.

The DTP is organised into 3 strands which refelct the research strengths in the faculty:

  • Technology,
  • Built Environment and Society (including Architecture),
  • Arts, Culture and Media.

Students are usually attached to one strand but all sessions are open to all students given that research is often interdisciplinary.

Each strand has its own programme covering theoretical and methodological issues and debates that engender advanced critical thinking and develop a full range of research skills. Regular seminars are organised to promote face-to-face discussion and to enable students to receive constructive feedback on their research ideas.

All students share foundation classes on general research practices at the start for their programmes and are encouraged to attend social events to create a supportive network of friends and mentors. Workshops and writing retreats on topics such as writing proposals, analysing data and digital technologies are organised throughout the academic year.

An annual conference showcases student work from across the faculty and gives students the opportunity to develop confidence in presenting and disseminating their work. Students have the opportunity to publish their work in the conference proceedings. Opportunities to accommodate specific training needs may be arranged as a result of supervisory discussion.

Students are registered on one of the faculty's PhD programmes in the School of Architecture, School of Arts (includes the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies), School of the Built Environment and the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. Students are usually attached to one of the DTP strands. However all DTP sessions are open to all students given that research is often interdisciplinary.

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