School of Architecture

  • Welcome to research in Architecture

    The School of Architecture has a lively research environment that produces world-leading research that addresses social, environmental and architectural challenges locally, nationally and internationally.

    The five research groups in the School cover a broad spectrum of fields; from architectural engineering, low carbon building to development and emergency practice, vernacular architecture, conservation and design. The research is multidisciplinary and of international relevance. We work in partnership with industry and communities which results in practice-relevant research. Our strong partnerships mean that our projects affect policies surrounding architecture, sustainability and humanitarian practice. All of our research is fed back into teaching, enhancing student experience and understanding.

  • Architectural Engineering group

    Architectural Engineering is an interdisciplinary group working in the fields of construction technology, structures, building physics and sustainability.

    Low Carbon Building group

    The Low Carbon Building group holds world-leading expertise in carbon mapping; advanced low carbon refurbishment; building performance evaluation; and climate change adaptation of buildings.

    Centre for Development and Emergency Practice

    The Centre for Development and Emergency Practice is a multidisciplinary centre that works at the interface between practice and academia.

    Place, Culture and Identity group

    The Place, Culture and Identity group investigates how architecture is related to the cultural identity of communities.

    Design Theory Practice group

    The Design Theory and Practice group explores the relationship between the theory and practice of design-based architecture.

    Endangered Wooden Architecture Programme (EWAP)

    The Endangered Wooden Architecture Programme (EWAP) is a grant-giving programme that offers grants for the documentation of endangered wooden architecture.

    Human rights and forced migration: policy and practice

    The Human rights and forced migration: policy and practice group concentrates on human rights research and forced migration research where policy, practice and experience are at the centre.

    Contact details

    Dr Marcel Vellinga,
    School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University
    Headington Campus,
    Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP

  • Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD)

    The Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD), founded in 2004, is one of the UK's largest research institutes dedicated to sustainable development research in the built and natural environments. OISD, which consists of eight distinct research groups, addresses the multiple dimensions of sustainable development and the synergies and processes that link them, through a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach. OISD is contributing to major Research Council programmes such as Living with Environmental Change, Energy research, Sustainable Urban Environments and Lifelong Health and Wellbeing, through various research grants.