The Meeting

  • 2020 anniversary

    This project has two distinct stages: stage one was the fostering of new poems from new poets across 2019 in each of our workshop strands. Stage two is in the planning phase, but we want to continue to draw a parallel trajectory to that experienced by Clare across 1819 and 1820. In early 1820, his first book was published, from which the first poem ‘The Meeting’ was sung on the London stage, and Clare himself visited London for the first time (and had a rare old time of it too). Our project seeks to promote critically-informed creative responses to Clare: new poems responding to Clare will be commissioned from our celebrated poet tutors; the workshop participants’ poems will be edited by those poet tutors; the poems will then be passed to musicians, who will be commissioned to compose new musical versions of those poems. We will bring everything (and, hopefully, everyone!) to London – following Clare’s path 200 years later – to celebrate Clare and the newly-created work, in a mixed-media performance of sound and word, at a public anniversary event, on an historic London stage, which we are putting together right now. And in a new book, we will publish all of the treasures this anniversary project manages to bring to life.

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