Organisational development

Organisational development (OD) is focused on improving the functioning of individuals, teams and whole organisations especially during change. OD works with managers to enhance effectiveness in a range of areas:

Team effectiveness, resilience and wellbeing

Research shows us that overall team effectiveness and resilience is the result of a combination of a number of characteristics. A deficit in any one or a combination of these can reduce the effectiveness of a team and especially its resilience to ‘bounce back’ or deal with increased pressure. It is therefore important to be able to understand where a team might benefit from activity to strengthen or build particular areas.

Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration is essential to achieving shared goals as well as having a significant impact on colleague’s day to day experience at work. Activity to support teams to work together respectfully and cooperatively, understand and value each others differences, and enhance cohesion can help both team and individual effectiveness.


Change is increasingly an everyday part of life. That doesnt necessarily mean it comes naturally. Ensuring that change is effective, and that it doesnt result in more issues than it was intended to address, requires it to be managed effectively.

Systems and processes

Whether formally documented or not, we are all routinely involved in systems and processes every day in the workplace. Any series of activities and tasks which is intended to result in an outcome is a process. How all these collectively interact to come together to result in overall business outcomes is the overall ‘system.’ Sometimes processes can be slick and efficient, aiding overall effectiveness, other times they can be quite the opposite. Activity to understand and improve processes can therefore be particularly beneficial.

Leadership and management

Effective leadership and management is an important resource when it comes to overall effectiveness of a team or department. Our learning and career development activity includes leadership and management development activities for individuals. OD can further complement this by

  • working with leadership teams collectively
  • undertaking 360 and other diagnostic activities to help inform development activity
  • offering other bespoke interventions.

Strategy and planning

Effectiveness over the long term requires us to establish what we are aiming to achieve and the ability to develop plans designed to achieve those long term aims - a strategy. This includes an ability to understand where we are now and the environment we will be operating in. Involving people in this activity can significantly improve their engagement as well as helping to improve the overall process by bringing new ideas and perspectives. OD can support the facilitation of workshops and related activities.  


The OD team can support diagnostic activity to understand particular needs as well as the interventions to support improvement and development. For queries, please email


Our coaching offer sits alongside our OD activity. Coaching helps individuals to clarify their thoughts and feelings in order to deal resourcefully and creatively with the complex world of work. People bring a wide range of issues to coaching. Examples include setting strategy, operational issues, work/life balance, transitions to a new role, returning to work after parental leave, confidence issues and career development.

To find out more, visit our coaching pages or contact us on We would be pleased to discuss your coaching requirements with you.