Team effectiveness and resilience

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Research shows us that overall team effectiveness and resilience is the result of a combination of a number of characteristics.  A deficit in any one or a combination of these can reduce the effectiveness of a team and especially its resilience to ‘bounce back’ or deal with increased pressure.

1. Is there sufficient focus on performance? 

  • Are there clear goals & priorities?           
  • Is there sufficient attention on results?
  • Are team members accountable and dependable?

2. Is the team able to adapt and respond to change?

3. Is there clarity around roles, responsibilities and decision making?  

4. Are there good interpersonal relationships?

  • Do people give feedback and engage productively in constructive conflict?  
  • Is there trust & psychological safety?  
  • Is there an absence of toxic behaviours?

There is a downloadable checklist that expands on these questions for further guidance and which can be used within teams to understand where to focus to strengthen effectiveness.   

We also have the checklist in an online questionnaire format that allows anonymous feedback which can then be used to inform a session with the team.  The OD team can facilitate the questionnaire itself and provide guidance and advice about how to approach using it with your team. 

Also see the other sections on the main Organisational Development page which focus on specific elements such as teamwork and change. 

Additional resources

Further learning and development resources relating to Team Effectiveness can be found in the Team effectiveness section of the Staff Learning Portal

It can be challenging when things aren’t going well within the team. Talking things through with a coach can be beneficial.  Our employee assistance programme also includes a management consultancy service which can provide managers additional support and advice on a range of issues from performance to conflict resolution.