Resits and your Student visa

If you reach the scheduled end of your course date but have not passed some of your final assessments, you will usually have the opportunity to attempt those assessments again (a “resit” opportunity), as per the University's guidance and regulations on reassessment.

If you are studying on a Tier 4 or Student visa, the end date for your visa is very likely to be 4 months after the expected end date of the scheduled teaching for your course as noted on the Certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS) that you were issued prior to joining us, or (if applicable) on any new CAS which we have issued during your course.

This means that if you need to complete resit assessments in order to complete your course, they are likely to be scheduled during your extant leave, (the period of 4 months the UKVI issue after the end date of your course) or in some cases after the expiry of your visa. Confirmation of the results of those resits will be published once all of the marking and moderation has taken place, which will usually be a period of some weeks after the completion of the resit assessments.

Can I extend my Student visa to complete a resit?

In most cases, you won't need to be in the UK to complete your resits as there is no requirement to attend the University, and your coursework assignments can be submitted remotely. If you need to sit any resit exams, you can either arrange for an off-site exam sitting, or you can return to the UK on a visitor’s visa for your scheduled examinations.

UKVI regulations do not allow the University to issue a CAS to cover your resit period, or to await your results. The University can only issue a CAS if attendance at the University is necessary to complete them. This attendance would need to be monitored by the University as detailed in the Student Visa Engagement Policy, and as required by the UK government.

How will this affect your Graduate route visa eligibility?

Depending on the timing of your resits and the publication of your results, this could mean that you are no longer eligible to apply for a Graduate Route visa.

If you have any questions about how the timing of your resits might affect your eligibility for a Graduate Route visa, please contact ISAT

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