Publication scheme

  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme: Guide to Information

    Like other public authorities which are subject to the UK's Freedom of Information Act, Oxford Brookes University is required by the Act to create and maintain a Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

    A Publication Scheme must describe the information which an authority routinely publishes, how the information is made available, and whether any charges apply.

    Brookes has adopted the Model Publication Scheme for the public sector which was approved by the Information Commissioner in 2008 (replacing all previous model publication schemes). The Information Commissioner has issued a Definition Document to assist universities in interpreting the model publication scheme. Public authorities are meant to use the Model Publication Scheme and the relevant definition document to produce a guide to the information which they publish. 

    The information in this scheme is structured according to the seven sections of the Model Publication Scheme:

    We have a dedicated IT Information page that details Information Technology spend, supplier relationships, services and staff.