• BSc project submissions portal

    The RAP resubmission period 39 will open on Friday 1 November. Theclosing date for submission is Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 13:00 GMT. 

    Appendix 10 of the Information Pack is a checklist. This has been designed to help you prepare your RAP appropriately. Please refer to this and check you have done everything that is necessary. You do not need to upload this.

    Do not submit prior to 1 November 2019 as this will notbe marked.

    Please read the following information carefully and follow these instructions.

    Step 1

    Please complete the submission Google form first and THEN resubmit your work by email.

    Step 2

    The subject line of the email must be your ACCA number and name.

    Attach all the documents you want to submit to this email.

    • Research Report as a Word document
    • Skills and Learning Statement as a Word Document
    • Reference list as Word document
    • Spreadsheet in Excel (xls or .xlsx)
    • Presentation as a PowerPoint document
    • Financial statements as PDFs
    • Any other documents (eg. questionnaire used for data collection) as PDFs
    • If resubmitting, your Resubmission statement as a word document

    Please include your student number in all the file names. For example: if your student number was 4523670 then you would label the Research Report file 4523670RR; the Skills and Learning Statement 4523670SLS; Reference List 4523670Refs; the spreadsheet 4523670excel; the Powerpoint 4523670presentation; the financial statements 4523670fs; for appendices 4523670appendices; and if you were resubmitting 4523670resubmission.

    Please do NOT send ZIP files.

    Please ensure that all of the files you want to upload are less than 10MB. Please ensure that the Word document containing the answers to the four SLS questions is less than 250Kb.

    We will send confirmation of receipt (this may take up to 5 working days). Your result will be sent to the email address you record on the form. Do inform us if your email address changes in the next 6 months.

    Email your submission to  acca@brookes.ac.uk

    You are required to pay a submission fee to Oxford Brookes University. The fee is £380.

    Pay the £380 submission fee for period 39

    You should click to "add to basket" and you will then need to enter your seven-digit ACCA number when prompted to do so and should then be able to proceed to pay with your card.

    Please note that you will need to register yourself on the online shop to use this method.

    If you do not have access to a credit or debit card, please send a cheque or banker's draft for £380 sterling payable to “Oxford Brookes University”(with your name and ACCA number
    on the back) to:

    Angela Crosbie, ACCA Office
    CLC 130, Oxford Brookes Business School
    Oxford Brookes University
    Oxford OX3 0BF, UK