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A number of Oxford Brookes alumni are published authors - including many graduates of our MA in Creative Writing programme. If you are a Brookes alumna/alumnus who has been published, please let us know via our contact form and we'll add you to this page.

Colin Beckley '14

Colin has written a number of books on philiosophy including Who Holds the Moral High Ground? (2008), The Hidden Hand of Gravity (2015), Logic: A Modern Guide (2016) and The Evolution of Diversity (2017).

Colin studied for a PhD at Oxford Brookes.

The Hidden Hand of Gravity book cover

Will Blackburn '98

Will was living in Poland when Russia invaded Ukraine. His response was to organise lorryfuls of donations and take them to those in need on the frontline. The War Next Door is his account of ordinary people bravely helping those in need.

Will studied History and Publishing at Brookes.

The War Next Door book cover

Rossella Maria Bondi '14

À la recherche de l’homme nouveau: Alberto Savinio et les avant-gardes à Paris 1911-1937 is an innovative study that traces the journey of Alberto Savinio in order to assess his place in the Parisian avant-garde. 

Rossella did a PhD in Comparative Literature at Oxford Brookes.

À la recherche de l’homme nouveau book cover

Catherine Chanter '11

Catherine's first novel, The Well, won the 2013 Lucy Cavendish Prize for Unpublished Fiction and was longlisted for the 2015 CWA John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

The Well book cover

Rupak Chatterjee

Youth to Infinity is a pithy collection of essential wisdom on - success, health, money, and people-skills - exactly what author Rupak Chatterjee wish he knew in his 20's as a young adult.

Rupak holds a Master's in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes. 

Youth to Infinity book cover

Michael Stephen Clark

The Fragmented World of the Mongoose Lemur is a modern natural history that also includes personal memoir and journalistic commentary. It was published in September 2022 by 1320Books.

Michael is a former visiting lecturer and alumnus of Oxford-Brookes. He delivered the first captive management modules to the Primate Conservation MSc course.

The Fragmented World of the Mongoose Lemur book cover

Jonathan Cumberbatch '03

Jonathan is a lifelong Trinidadian artist and poet. His first collection of poems, Primary Colours, expresses his personal thoughts and feelings regarding emotional and insightful events that have impacted his life. His second collection, Valentine's Day, was published in 2023 and is a musing on various aspects of love as experienced and observed. 

Jonathan studied for an MBA at Oxford Brookes. 

Valentine's Day book cover

Ian Davis

Experiencing Oxford celebrates the way Oxford can be experienced using our senses, memories, emotions and spirits. It includes over a hundred of Ian’s drawings and watercolours, and photographs.

Ian was a lecturer in the School of Architecture at Oxford Polytechnic, and then Oxford Brookes.

Experiencing Oxford book cover

Kit de Waal '12

Kit's debut novel, My Name is Leon, won the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year 2017. Her 2018 novel, The Trick to Time, has been longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction. She co-founded The Big Book Weekend, a virtual book festival that is part of the BBC's Culture in Quarantine festival in May 2020.

Kit studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

My Name is Leon book cover

Helen Eve '11

Helen is a young adult fiction writer. Her published novels include Stella and Siena.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

Stella book cover

Faisal Farooq Butt '12

Farooq has written an article on the topic of the Role of SME in the Economy of Pakistan.

He studied BSc Applied Accounting through Oxford Brookes' international partnership with ACCA.

Role of SME in the Economy of Pakistan book cover

Loraine Fergusson '15

Loraine is a novelist, using the name LP Fergusson, and editor of the historical blog With Love From Graz. Her most recent novel, A Dangerous Act of Kindness is a historical romance set in World War II.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

A Dangerous Act of Kindness book cover

Ahmadreza Foruzanmehr '07

Ahmadreza is a specialist lecturer in the School of Architecture. His new book covers the subjects of vernacular architecture, earthen buildings, thermal comfort and passive cooling with references to Iranian traditional houses. Social and cultural aspects are also addressed.

He studied Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Building at Oxford Brookes.

Thermal comfort in hot dry climates book cover

Ray Foulk '92

Ray Foulk was a renowned collector in the 1970s and 80's and published three folio exhibition editions. His memoir of his earlier career as a rock promoter is documented in two volumes, called collectively When the World Came to the Isle of Wight, written with Caroline Foulk.

He studied Architecture at Oxford Polytechnic in the late 80s and early 90s.

Picasso's revenge book cover

Maz Ghauri

Maz Ghauri’s 'unusual autobiography' includes a couple of chapters from her time as an MBA student at Oxford Brookes.

"A Chinese girl in my MBA class at Oxford Brookes University described me as an old fox curled up on the window ledge watching the world as it goes by. I kind of liked that image of myself. It’s pretty much how I have been able to collect these unusual experiences which I want to share with you."

Look what happened book cover

Agnes Grunwald-Spier

Agnes was born in Budapest in July 1944. She and her mother were sent to the Budapest Ghetto in November 1944 and were liberated in January 1945.  Agnes was a founder trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, and has been awarded an MBE for her work with the trust. She is the author of a number of books and articles about the holocaust, including Women's Experiences in the Holocaust, which was published in 2019.

Agnes received an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes in 2018.

Women's Experiences in the Holocaust book cover

Susan Harvard '67

Susan's debut book, Theodore & Eliza, is the true story of the early-19th century marriage of a mixed-race couple from whom Princess Diana was directly descended.

Susan studied French, English and History of Art at Oxford College of Technology.

Theodore & Eliza book cover

Mohamed Huballah '07

Mohamed's book, Beyond Your World (The Manifestation of Wishes), discusses contemporary global social issues of concern especially to the young generations within societies. The theme of his book is the improvement of the individual for the betterment of society.

Mohamed studied Politics and International Relations at Oxford Brookes.

Beyond Your World book cover

Melanie Hudson '92

Melanie's novel Dear Rosie Hughes has been called "the most feel good and emotional novel you will read in 2019".

She studied Economics and History at Oxford Polytechnic.

Dear Rosie Hughes book cover

Linni Ingemundsen '15

Linni started writing her debut Young Adult novel, The Unpredictability of Being Human, while she was a student at Brookes. Her follow-up novel, One in a Hundred Thousand, was published in March 2021.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

The Unpredictability of Being Human book cover

John Jeffcock ’95

John Jeffcock is Chief Executive of the award-winning C-Suite network business Winmark. In 2020 he was commissioned to write a book on the C-Suite by Bloomsbury. His book The Suite Spot: Reaching, Leading and Delivering the C-Suite was launched in 2022.

John studied for an MBA at Oxford Brookes.

The Suite Spot cover image

Lisa Karlsen '14

Lisa's journal article - Practitioner involvement and support in children’s learning during free play in two Norwegian kindergartens - is based on her master's thesis (University of Oslo).

She studied Early Childhood Studies at Oxford Brookes.

Journal of Early Childhood Research cover

Alison Knight '13

Mine was published in November 2020. Fellow MA student, award-winning author, Kit de Waal (My Name is Leon), says this about Mine, "A heart-breaking account of love and loss told by a great story-teller. Alison takes you into the heart of the tragedy with compassion, wit and even humour. A beautiful story."

Alison studied Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

Mine book cover

Georg Knoflach '97

Georg's reworking of Maria Buol's historical story, Die Gamswirtin, tells of a farmer's daughter's social climbing in turbulent 18th century Tirol.

He studied Law at Oxford Brookes.

Die Gamswirtin book cover

Dr Tatiana Kukova

The Entrepreneur’s Identity Standard is grounded in the findings from a pioneering doctoral study, conducted by the author Dr Tatiana Kukova at Aston Business School in the UK by interviewing digital technology entrepreneurs at one UK tech incubator. 

Before her PhD, Tatiana did the Master of Science (MSc) Degree in International Travel and Tourism Management at the Oxford Brookes Business School. 

The Entrepreneur’s Identity Standard book cover

Kathryn Lund '16

Kathryn Lund is a Blackwell Prize winner and published her debut e-book, Deep Water, in 2016. It combines traditional book narrative with social media posts, emails and newspaper articles to explore our exposure to information, our relationship with language and the way we construct our worlds around us. Our physical worlds, the worlds of our guilt, the spaces inside of us where we build the cages of our dark.

Kathryn studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

Deep Water book cover

Kat Martindale '96

In Research for Architectural Practice, Kat provides a clear guide for practitioners looking to establish or already conducting research projects in a practice context and graduate students looking to support their studies and role within practice. It was published in 2021.

Kat studied MA Urban Design at Oxford Brookes and subsequently worked at Brookes, teaching urban design, researching town centres and writing for an urban design database. 

Research for Architectural Practice book cover

Heather Mills '05

During lockdown, Heather and ten fellow HR professionals co-authored Good Work Good Business which explores how to 'build back better' and thrive in a post-Covid business environment.

Heather also co-authored The Future of Work: Practical People Strategies for Business Leaders which was published in 2019.

Heather studied Human Resources at both undergraduate (CIPD) and postgraduate level at Oxford Brookes.

Good Work Good Business book cover

CS Monaco

Chris Monaco has published three books: Moses Levy of Florida - Jewish Utopian and Antebellum Reformer, which won the Florida Historical Society Presidential Medal of Distinction; The Rise of Modern Jewish Politics and The Second Seminole War - Limits of American Aggression.

The Second Seminole War - Limits of American Aggression book cover

Annie Murray '13

Annie has written over 20 novels, including the bestseller Birmingham Rose. Since studying at Brookes, her novels include Sisters of Gold and The Silversmith's Daughter.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

The Silversmith's Daughter book cover

Uche Nnene '10

Uche's Practical Guide to Data Migration with SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is for companies using SAP or other non-SAP ERP systems and who are looking at migrating to the latest digital core from SAP, whether the cloud or on-premise edition.

Uche studied the Global MBA.

Practical Guide to Data Migration with SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit book cover

Judith Ratcliffe '09 (children's author)

Judith is the author of the children’s adventure series Miranda’s Silver Shoes. The third book in the series, The Silver Shoes in the Land of the Dinosaurs, was published in 2023.

Judith studied for a Diploma in Law at Brookes.

The Silver Shoes in the Land of the Dinosaurs cover

Judith Ratcliffe '09 (legal author)

Judith is also a Data Protection Officer and expert on privacy and data protection law. She published Privacy and Data Protection in Your Pocket: Personal Data Breaches in 2023.  

Privacy and Data Protection in Your Pocket: Personal Data Breaches cover

Miranda Ward '09

Miranda is a freelance writer, editor and lecturer. She grew up on a cattle ranch in California and now lives in Oxford. Her memoir, Adrift, was published in 2021. It deals with her attempts to have a baby, including three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy, and the impact it has had on her relationship with her partner, her own body and her future.

Miranda studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

Adrift book cover

Anne Youngson '10

Anne's debut novel, Meet Me at the Museum, was shortlisted for a Costa prize and is a story of late love and second chances. Her second novel, Three Women and a Boat, was published in 2020.

She studied MA Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes.

Meet Me at the Museum book cover

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