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What are local alumni networks?

Local alumni networks are a way to bring alumni together and run a programme of activities based around members’ interests. They also work to build a network of advocates to support the Oxford Brookes community and recruitment. Different networks do different things, but they usually involve running events, professional networking and socialising.

Austria Chapter

Our Austria chapter supports a network of Brookes alumni and students in the country. We held our first reunion in December 2019 just before Covid-19 hit. We kept going through the pandemic as far as possible, and look forward to growing connections through a series of events and activities over the coming years. 

Number of alumni: 300+

Chapter leader: Christian Lutsch

Chapter email:


UK - London Chapter


Our London chapter was formed in May 2020 and has been growing the capital’s alumni network through online events on themes suggested by members. These have included panel discussions with experts on the entrepreneurial spirit, adapting to life in a changing employment scene and the challenges faced by the hospitality industry. We plan to hold more events in the future and welcome all Brookes alumni in London who want to contribute.

Number of alumni: 15,000+

UK - Oxford Chapter

Formed in May 2020, we are a group of Oxfordshire-based alumni who connect with our wider alumni community through an interesting and engaging event programme. Whilst we might be the “closest to home” chapter, our active membership is diverse and inclusive, ambitious and adventurous.

We'd love to hear from you and see you at one of our future events.

Number of alumni: 16,000+

Chapter leader: Daniel O'Driscoll

Chapter email:


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