• Publication

    The module timetables for the whole academic year will be published to module google calendars for staff and to students personal google calendars on:

    Semester 1 : 27 August 2021

    Semester 2  and 3 : 4 January 2022

    All users who are subscribed to the calendar for a module will have it populated into their personal google calendar.

    All students with modules registered will see their whole group teaching populated into their personal google calendar.

    Set allocation

    The timetabling team will start working on allocation of students to teaching sets. This will update the student’s google calendars with their set teaching events.

    Late changes

    The late changes process formally begins when we publish the timetable to students. Any changes to the timetable that might be required must be requested via the late changes form and will be subject to availability.

    It is vital that any changes to the timetable are minimised after publication as staff and students will be making plans and personal arrangements on the basis of the published timetable. 

    It should be noted that spaces will be booked for other University business once the timetable is set. This means that the available space to accommodate a change  will decrease further, the later in the year that a change is requested.

    If changes are essential then they must be notified as quickly as possible to maximise the notice staff and students will receive. The team will work with you to find a suitable solution if your first choice of space or time is not possible.