Strength and Conditioning

For many student-athletes, Strength & Conditioning training is at the heart of their training programmes.

Strength & Conditioning (S&C) sessions prepare athletes for the physical demands of their sport to ensure they can perform at their best. We also aim to help prevent injuries by strengthening structures around joints and potential weak points to keep athletes able to play week in, week out.

Although the main aim is to support performance, the sessions also help to develop knowledge of training and teach the safe use of equipment and how to effectively ensure physical longevity.

The sessions can be catered to varying levels of athletes based on their level of ability. Each student-athlete is required to pay a £40 access payment for S&C support across the two semesters.

Each team can be assigned up to two sessions per week during semester time. Should you require more assistance, we can also provide remote programming via our online programming software app, TeamBuildr.

If you sign up to team S&C sessions, you will have exclusive access to our Performance Sport Gym (PSG) facility on Headington Campus. The PSG is also home to our new Weightlifting Club and is equipped with competition-quality Eleiko Olympic barbells, Eleiko & Werksan bumper plates, 4x half squat racks, Eleiko dumbbells and much more.

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