Performance Teams

Oxford Brookes' highest achieving Sports Teams receive enhanced performance support to continue their development and reach their performance goals. As a high performing player or athlete, being selected for a Performance Team will give you access to high-level competition and specialist support. View the full performance support package

Below are our recognised Performance Teams:

Brookes Rowing

Brookes Rowing Club

Oxford Brookes' longstanding performance sport is Rowing. Recognised by GB Rowing as a High Performance Programme, we offer an unrivalled experience for those looking to achieve greatness on the water.  By joining Brookes Rowing, you have the potential to join the long list of those winning at Henley Royal Regatta and celebrating Olympic and World Championship glory.

UCCE Cricket

Oxford UCCE becoming BUCS Champions in 2019

A joint scheme with the University of Oxford for more than 20 years and supported by the English and Wales Cricked Board (ECB), the Oxford UCCE provides a well rounded university experience whilst readying high-performance cricketers who are looking to go into professional cricket. Over 70 Oxford UCCE players have gone on to play professionally following their involvment with our scheme, and that increases every year.

Men's Hockey 1s

Men's 1st Hockey Team

Our Men's Hockey 1st Team has challenged the top tiers of the BUCS university competition structure for a number of years. Many former and current players involved in Performance Centres and National Age Group Squads. For the 2022/23 season, the team finished mid-table in the highly competitive BUCS Men's Premier South Hockey League. We're excited to see them build on that performance in the 2023-24 season.

Women's Hockey 1s

Women's 1st Team engaged in team talk

The founders of our Performance Support package, our Women's Hockey 1st team also challenge the top tiers of the BUCS university competition. Like the men, we have many former and current players involved in Performance Centres and National Age Group Squads. Back in the 2022-23 season, the team finished mid-table in the very competitive BUCS ICG Women's Premier North Hockey League and made it to the Semi-Finals of the BUCS ICG Women's National Vase. The 2023-24 season is going to be another exciting year.  

Women's Lacrosse 1s

Women's 1st Lacrosse Team celebrating promotion

Following their unbeaten 2022/23 BUCS season, our TEAMBrookes Women's Lacrosse 1st Team have gained promotion to the Women's Premier South 2 BUCS League. This promotion means the team receives enhanced support to maintain their high performance. We are excited to see them excel in the Premier tier and potentially achieve a 'back-to-back' promotion come the end of the 2023/24 season. 

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