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A big sport in the US where it has its roots in the cultural tradition of Native Americans, lacrosse is a fast paced, requiring good hand-eye coordination, teamwork and reflexes. The rules for men's and women's lacrosse differ quite significantly with full contact being part of the men's game but not allowed in the women's.

At Brookes, we have two men's teams and one women's with the club always on the lookout for new players whether experienced or complete beginners.

You can find our LAX club on Instagram at @obulc.

Lacrosse training


Day Time Location
Monday 8:30pm-9:30pm (Women's 1st Team S&C) Performance Gym, Headington Campus
Tuesday 5:00pm-6:30pm STP, Headington Campus
Wednesday 1:00pm-4:00pm Grass Pitch, Harcourt Hill Campus
Friday 10:00am-11:00am (Men's 1st Team S&C) Performance Gym, Headington Campus
Friday 7:00am-8:30am (Women's Teams) STP, Headington Campus
Sunday 6:00pm-8:30pm STP, Headington Campus

Want to join?

If you want to represent #TEAMBrookes, give a new sport a go, or just find out more, then head over to our Instagram account @BrookesSportOxford or for more information, email us at

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