Oxford Brookes University Amateur Boxing Club is open to anyone, regardless of training or experience.

Boxing is a dynamic sport that teaches physical and mental discipline. The physical training for boxing is a full body workout and whether you want to get fit, or learn the art of Boxing, OBUABC is the perfect place to be.

The club hosts a range of training sessions throughout the week, including fitness-focused, coached sessions, as well as dedicated sessions for both male and female participants. All sessions take place at Brookes Sport, Headington. 

The club has a close relationship with Oxford Martial Arts Academy (OMAA) with some of the competitive TEAMBrookes boxers also training there too. 

The club competes in competitions throughout the year, including the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Boxing Championships. 

Want to join?

You can reach out to the Boxing Club directly on social media to find out more and get involved:

If you want to represent TEAMBrookes, give a new sport a go, or just find out more, then you can also head over to the Brookes Sport Instagram (@BrookesSportOxford) or for more information, please email the TEAMBrookes Team:

For the majority of our TEAMBrookes Sports Clubs, trials and taster sessions take place following the TEAMBrookes Sports Fair. If you miss the Sports Fair or would like to join later in the year, please reach out to the club directly through social media.

Boxing Club at 2022 Sports Fair
Boxer at BUCS

TEAMBrookes Membership Fees

The cost of joining any TEAMBrookes Sports Club is £150 for the 2023/24 academic year, which equates to approximately £6.80 per week. Find out more about the TEAMBrookes Membership Fee.

This fee is required for each Sports Club you are competing for. Included within this cost is everything required to play your sport and access appropriate support.

Exemptions and Fee Waivers

Those in receipt of a Brookes Bursary or International Hardship Award for 2023/24 are exempt from paying the £150. If this applies to you, please complete this application form and confirmation of receiving one of these are required as part of the form. 

Those selected as TEAMBrookes Sports Scholars are also waived of the requirement to make the £150 payment, as part of the performance support provided.

Partnership with Under Armour

We are delighted to team up with Under Armour as our official #TEAMBrookes and leisurewear partner. 

To pick up your stash items, head over to our webshop.

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