Behavioural Contract

When student-athletes purchase their TEAMBrookes Membesrship they confirm that they have read and fully understood the Oxford Brookes University Sports Club Behavioural Contract.

Oxford Brookes University Sports Club Behavioural Contract

As members of a university sports club you are bound by a moral and behavioural code, and will be expected to conduct yourself accordingly. If you choose to accept this responsibility, you are in agreement with this contract, and in doing so, agree to abide by your club’s Code of Conduct and the consequences set forth.

Every individual member of the club has a duty to represent themselves, the club and the University in the best manner possible. This applies to your behaviour both on and off the field of play. You are expected to avoid situations where you may be accused of wrongdoing. Being in “the wrong place at the wrong time” is not an acceptable excuse if you choose to be there in the first place.

We expect you…

  • To encourage sporting behaviour both on and off the field of play
  • To treat others with respect and courtesy, and to actively discourage any form of abuse in whatever format that might take.
  • To, if alcohol is involved, encourage your peers to drink sensibly and not beyond their means, and to adopt a zero tolerance of bullying or coercing others into drinking against their will.
  • To act as an appropriate ambassador for the University and the club whilst either hosting other university clubs or when participating at away sites.
  • To refrain from partaking in any action or behaviour that may be deemed to bring either the Club or the University into disrepute.
  • To act in a responsible and considerate manner at all times, within the law of the land, and to avoid offending others, including members of the public, through anti-social behaviour.
  • To ensure all Social Media communication (email, Facebook, Twitter, Websites etc…) should be used for the purpose of positively reinforcing the club’s efforts, sporting endeavours, and achievements, and should never reflect negatively upon the club or other university based sports clubs
  • To ensure no alcohol is consumed on any form of away transport (mini buses, coaches, private or student cars)
  • To ensure no social activity takes place whereby there is risk of damage to the physical or psychological health of those taking part in the event. This would include failing to respect the wishes of those who do not wish to consume alcohol or engaging in behaviour that could be deemed as pressuring someone to drink.
  • To ensure that social activity takes place in appropriate locations, whether on or off campus, that such activity is managed responsibly and that the behaviour of those in attendance is in line with university policies

Remember, you and your team are representing not just your sports club, but Oxford Brookes as a university. 

By ticking the associated box during the TEAMBrookes Membership Fee process, student-athletes affirm that they have read the contract and fully understand the rules set forth within it. They are stating that they understand that violations of the Oxford Brookes Sports Club Behavioural Contract could result in their dismissal from the club and further sanctions against the club as a whole.

This code, while aligned with the principles of the Brookes Behaviour Policy and the Student Conduct Procedure, is a separate document that student-athletes are required to follow. Disciplinary action may be taken under either or both processes if behaviour falls short of the standards set out in either document.

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