Reporting An Issue

Report an Initiation (BUCS)

Initiations can have a serious impact on your experience of university sport. Sometimes they can go too far. That's why BUCS have created a safe space for students to report an issue they have experienced.

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It's not OK

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual violence, suspicious incidents or harassment, you can report it online anonymously. Support and advice are also available. 

Student Investigation and Resolution Team

The Student Investigation and Resolution Team (SIRT) is responsible for overseeing and advising students and staff on academic appeals, student conduct and complaints, and exceptional circumstances. They are also responsible for the regulations relating to those areas and can offer support and guidance in interpreting and applying them.

Sexual Consent Education

At Oxford Brookes University, we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equitably and respectfully, to be heard and valued, and to have access to educational resources and information so that thoughtful choices can be made.

The University has introduced a mandatory sexual consent education course that supports our students to engage with the complexities of consent. Together we are striving for a safe and respectful campus for all.

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