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Navigating the BUCS Rules

The BUCS Regulations are split into three parts:

  1. General Regulations; apply to all BUCS sports. Labelled REG 1 - 15 and then there are some useful appendicies
  2. Sport Specific Regulations; apply to each sport specifically.
  3. Sport Specific Affiliations; a set of compulsory requirements that MUST be undertaken in order to compete. This includes NGB affiliation, membership and registrations, as well as other requirements such as ranking lists and data submission. They are unique to each sport.

Below we have outlined the most notable General Regulations, but it is important to check through your Sport Specific Regulations  and Sport Specific Affiliations


EVERY athlete who wishes to compete in a BUCS event or for a BUCS team must create a BUCS Play account to be eligible to participate. There is a BUCS Play App or it can be used via the desktop version

It is the Team Captain's responsibility for the players in their team and for the selection of these individuals for fixtures. 

Captains Responsibilities: 

  1. Managing the squad 
  2. Setting the pre-match team sheets (make sure the captain is included)
  3. Approving or disputing opposing team sheets (Play Under Protests forms if necessary)
  4. Entering scores
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For any away fixtures or competitions, Next of Kin forms must be completed prior to departure. The form can be dropped off to the Sports Office, sent as a picture via Whatsapp or emailed over to sport@brookes.ac.uk.

It is the teams responsibility to check the weekly fixture email to check that what has been allocated is appropriate. Any issues must be communicated ASAP with the TEAMBrookes Staff (sport@brookes.ac.uk) and requests for transport support for non-Wednesdays needs to be communicated ASAP.

Competition Entry

Affiliations and entries to BUCS competition and other agreed National Competitions (team and individual) are subsidised by Oxford Brookes Sport.

Information on all National Competitions that are held throughout the year can be found on the BUCS website. It is the Sports Club's responsibility to register athletes and enter them ahead of the deadline. TEAMBrookes Staff will support clubs with this process. 

For compeitions outside of BUCS, please arrange a meeting with the TEAMBrookes Staff to discuss whether Brookes Sport will support financially towards the competition.

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