Wheelchair Basketball

Oxford University Basketball Club welcomes new members from Oxford Brookes University students to their Wheelchair Basketball sessions and has opportunities for all levels of abilities. 

Wheelchair Basketball is basketball played by individuals with varying physical disabilities that restricts from playing the running game. It is governed by British Wheelchair Basketball.

Ten Reasons To Try Wheelchair Basketball:

  1. You don’t have to be a wheelchair user! Everyone who turns up is given a sports wheelchair (the cool ones with the angled wheels).

  2. You don’t even have to be disabled! Able-bodied people and those with injuries are also welcome. So you can bring along an able-bodied friend and try it out together!

  3. That said, most of us have a disability or chronic condition of some form, so it is a super supportive environment to engage in sport and exercise safely within your boundaries!

  4. You don’t have to be part of Oxford University! Currently our team is around a 50/50 split between Oxford Uni students/staff, and community members, including Oxford Brookes.

  5. We are a non-competitive club focussing on individual skill development as opposed to training a competitive team, so it’s very relaxed (and for those who do fancy some game experience, we will be looking into opportunities for informal fixtures this year).

  6. We play at an accessible venue! The Iffley Road Sports Centre has blue-badge parking and a large carpark, fully accessible toilets and showers, and water fountains. Contact us with any questions about facilities or please click here to check out the website.

  7. We welcome all adults, regardless of age, ability, sexuality, race, gender identity and support neurodivergent teaching styles.

  8. Wheelchair basketball is an amazing sport! It uses the same ball and hoop height as men’s able-bodied basketball, and has almost identical rules, adapted for travelling.

  9. It is great socially to meet new people!

  10. Your first three sessions are free! And after that its only £30 a term, with carers coming free, and flexibility if cost will be an issue to you.

Please give us a message in advance at oxuniwheelchairbasketball@gmail.com to let us know you are thinking of coming, so we can set a chair up for you.

Want to join?

You can reach out to the club directly to find out more and get involved:

If you want to represent TEAMBrookes, give a new sport a go, or just find out more, then you can also head over to the Brookes Sport Instagram (@BrookesSportOxford) or for more information, please email the TEAMBrookes Team: sport@brookes.ac.uk.

For the majority of our Sports Clubs, trials and taster sessions take place following the TEAMBrookes Sports Fair. If you miss the Sports Fair or would like to join later in the year, please reach out to the club directly through social media.

Players engaged in Wheelchair basketball game

You can meet all of our TEAMBrookes Sports Clubs at the Sports Fair on Wednesday 20th September in the Brookes Sport, Headington, Sports Hall (10am - 4pm).    

Students smiling enjoying wheelchair basketball

TEAMBrookes Membership Fees

The cost of competing for any TEAMBrookes Sports Club is £150 for the 2023/24 academic year, which equates to approximately £6.80 per week. Find out more about the TEAMBrookes Membership Fee.

However, as the current set up for the consistent Wheelchair Basketball offer is via the Oxford University Club, the cost is set by them.

Partnership with Under Armour

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