• Continuing Professional Development

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities within The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences are designed to equip health and social care professionals with the skills, knowledge and attributes to excel in current practice.

  • Advice for Students about Personal Safety:

    Advice on Vigilance Whilst Terrorist Threat Level is Critical in England:

    The following link is useful for all students on placement:

    Guidance on Responding to Unexpected Incidents or Emergencies:

    Reasonable Adjustment

    Health Impairment and Disability Guidelines:

    Risk Assessment

    There are various reasons for when a placement provider will need to undertake a
    risk assessment for a student entering practice.

    General process for Risk Assessment

    Pregnant Students on Placement

    Dress Code

    Students on placement/ in the practice setting are considered to be ‘employees' of the placement provider and must adhere to all local policies e.g. Dress code for employees or Uniform and Dress Policy for clinical staff.


    Communication with External Organisations

    Statement in Relation to Supernumerary Status of Students on Pre-qualifying Courses/Programmes

    Maximum Student Practice and Study Hours

    These guidelines are prepared for students, placement partners and programme teams. They are informed by considering student health and safety and the potential impact on public safety.

    Useful References/Links: