Practice Assessment and Support

  • Assessment of Practice

    This is undertaken through a range of strategies including competence assessment, continuous assessment, assessment of practice learning outcomes, and simulation of practice learning within our extensive skills suites.

    Placement Support

    All students are supported by both university staff and practice staff whilst on placement. All students are provided with a named qualified member of staff within the practice placement who oversees the student’s learning on placement and is usually responsible for the assessment of the student’s practice. The title of this person varies according to each profession. A generic term for the person supporting a student on placement is practice assessor.

    Student Occupational Health

    Professional Programme Terminology for the person supporting the student in practice and who undertakes practice assessment
    Nursing, Midwifery and ODP Practice Assessor and Practice Supervisor
    Nursing Specialist Practice Practice Teacher and/or Supervisor
    Occupational Therapy Practice Educator
    Osteopathy Clinic Tutor
    Paramedic Science Clinical Mentor, Practice Educator
    Physiotherapy Clinical Educator
    Social Work Practice Educator
    Advanced Clinical Practice Courses, including:
    • Critical and Specialist Care
    • Undergraduate Cancer and Palliative Care
    • Minor Injury and Illness Management
    • PG Cert Non-Medical Prescribing
    Practice Supervisor
     A generic term for the person supporting a student on placement is Practice Assessor.