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08 April 2024

Sanctuary Art Project: Finding Home in Education

One of our Oxford Brookes students and MRN (Tamsin Barber and Zoe Jordan) contributed to a national collaborative Sanctuary art project, led by the University of East Anglia.

Sanctuary Art Project: Finding Home in Education

14 March 2024

Shade-grown coffee demonstrates the benefits of combining agriculture and conservation

Increasing shade cover over coffee plants can increase biodiversity and provide new ways to combine agriculture and conservation, a new study has revealed.

A coffee farm in Java

06 March 2024

Conservation value of field research stations is misunderstood, study reveals

Funding of field conservation research stations worldwide has been drastically reduced since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, an international study including researchers from Oxford Brookes University has found.

The Ampasy Research Station in the Tsitongambarika Protected Area, Southern Madagascar

06 February 2024

Fruit flies give clues to sexual selection-driven evolution

They may be tiny, but fruit flies have given scientists new insight into the genetic basis for rapid evolution of male external genitalia driven by sexual selection.

Drosophila melanogaster

09 January 2024

Wildlife expert and Oxford Brookes University professor receives OBE

An Oxford Brookes University professor whose research focuses on endangered animals in Asia and Africa has been recognised in the New Year Honours List.

Prof Anna Nekaris and a loris

12 October 2023

Ghosts and the supernatural: three Oxford Brookes University experts discuss their research

Why are we fascinated by the supernatural? Three Oxford Brookes University academics discuss what the concept of ghosts - real or a figment of our imaginations - tells us about history, psychology and our own relationship with grief, loss and mortality.

Professor Johannes Dillinger

11 October 2023

Course launched in partnership with Oxford Brookes to help girls tackle sexism

Oxford Brookes University academics have joined forces with award-winning social enterprise Sex Ed Matters, to create a free course designed to equip girls with the skills to tackle gender stereotypes.

Hannah Yelin and Michele Paule

18 August 2023

Urgent enforcement is needed in Indonesia to prevent trade in endangered whale sharks

Authorities in Indonesia must act to enforce wildlife protection laws to protect endangered whale sharks, says an Oxford Brookes University professor.

A boy on a whale shark

19 May 2023

New conservation tool aims to inspire action to tackle the toll of roads on primate populations

A new database, compiled by researchers from Oxford Brookes University and experts from around the world reveals the deadly consequences of road networks and traffic on primates globally.

Baboons crossing a road in Kenya

22 March 2023

Oxford Brookes University ranked as world leading institution in 19 subjects

Oxford Brookes University is world leading in 19 subjects, according to the latest global rankings published today.

World Leading in 19 subjects