IT Training

Online classes and resources

Online and classroom courses to help students and staff to make the best use of computer resources at Oxford Brookes University.

Online IT training and resources

All IT training, including drop-ins and student tutor sessions, is available online. Many of these courses are also available on campus in the classroom.

IT Training offers:

  • a wide range of  Microsoft and Adobe self-study online guides
  • a range of self-study "Google Classroom" courses for new students and staff
  • ICDL qualifications to students, staff, NHS, and the general public
  • several ICDL research based courses for post graduates.

Windows 11 is available on public computers at Oxford Brookes. Please read:

Self-study units and online training resources are available for Windows 10. Please also read the Windows 10 FAQ.

Useful links

 News Windows 11 is available on public computers at Oxford Brookes University in Autumn 2023. Please read the Quickstart Windows 11 Guide.

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